Cure Girl Barbara: “My (in)evitable Injury”!


Twenty six years ago my life changed forever. A fall from a swing left me paralysed from the shoulders down. My spinal cord was injured between the 4th and 5th vertebrae following a whiplash just after the bump on the ground. This caused the slip of the vertebrae which injured my spinal cord. It happened as a result of being born with a stiff neck, ie my neck was crooked.

In the late spring of 1987 I was going for appointments with doctors to try to solve my problem. I was told that I needed surgery to remove my malformation, but none of them informed me about the risk of my vertebrae not being in their ‘natural position’. In particular I remember seeing a radiologist’s expression on their face while looking at the x-rays of my neck. He looked extremely worried but did not inform me of the dangers. It’s ironic that the surgeon preferred to operate on me AFTER the summer… my fall was on August 13th, 1987.

If only I knew the seriousness of my problem, the risks I could run and even if I had worn an orthopedic collar on that terrible day… well, I can’t be sure but it may even be prevented.

Now I’m a 37 year old woman who has lost the control of her body and completely dependent on others for all actions of her daily life. I’m also left with many unanswered questions regarding my neck before my injury.

I want to FIGHT now for a CURE for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury. We have to spread the message of urgency… a  CURE or a combination of therapies is not so far away but actions can be taken now to accelerate the researchers jobs.

It’s imperative that we FIND a CURE so that everyone, of all kinds/levels of Spinal Cord Injuries are eligible.

 Cure Girl Barbara

Cure Girls: “Actions, not just words!”

Actions, not just words
Hey Everyone,
lots of VERY exciting things planned for us in the next few months ahead.Cure Girl Rebecca will be competing in the last part of the Jersey marathon in October and raising all funds for Unite 2 Fight Paralysis.Italian Cure Girls will be organising Ride For Life 2013 in Italy [ Pista South Milano di Ottobiano (PV) ] .

Cure Girl Ruth has also something yet to be revealed!!!!

Cure Girl Lolly will be visiting the Miami Project later in the year to discuss CURE with the researchers and also planning a Charity Cabaret Gala in London with her dear friend Mark raising all money for Spinal Research.

We will be releasing specific dates/sponsorship details ASAP.

Keep spreading the love and sharing our Cure Girls FB Fan Page to let everyone know OUR and YOUR mission TO MAKE CHRONIC SPINAL CORD INJURY CURABLE.

Have a great day all!!!!! 

Love from the CURE GIRLS X


Cure Girl Lolly at the “Miami Project to Cure Paralysis”

Miami Project

The first time I ever visited Miami was before my injury. I went there on holiday and was partying hard and dancing on all the bars in South Beach, having the time of my life.
It’s kind of ironic that this was one of the first places I visited after my spinal cord injury in 2004. I visited the Brucker Biofeedback Centre for biofeedback treatment over a course of three weeks. I also was eager to visit The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

M.P. R. C.
The Miami Project is one of the biggest research centres in the world for spinal cord injury. They work closely with Spinal Research UK too.
It’s such an inspiring place for me to visit as there are so many positive people doing so much to find a cure for us.
I first became friends with Kim Anderson, a researcher at the Miami Project about five years ago. Kim too is a tetraplegic like me. She had her injury quite a few years ago and got so involved with SCI research that she studied it and now is one of the top researchers at the Miami Project. She is such an inspiration to me and a really lovely lady.


Kim and I spoke about the progress of the clinical trials which are taking place now on acute injuries at the MP. She said that if these are successful they will eventually be carried out on chronics. All going well so far but both of us agree that we are very excited about other trials taking part on chronics.
She also mentioned that this is the most exciting time she has ever known with the work being done all over the world.


Cure Girl Lolly

La nostra Cure Girl Lolly in visita al “Miami Project to Cure Paralysis”

Miami Project

La prima volta che ho visitato Miami fu prima della mia lesione. Sono andata lì in vacanza ho festeggiato e ballato in tutti i bar di South Beach, mi godevo la vita.

È un po’ ironico che questo sia stato uno dei primi posti che ho visitato dopo il mio trauma al midollo spinale nel 2004. Sono stata al Centro Biofeedback Brucker biofeedback più di tre settimane. Ed ero desiderosa di visitare il Miami Project to Cure Paralysis.

Il Miami Project è uno dei più grandi centri di ricerca sulle lesioni del midollo spinale di tutto il mondo. Collabora anche con Spinal Research UK.The Miami Project Center

E’ un luogo di ispirazione per me, ho incontrato tante persone positive che fanno così tanto per trovare una cura per noi.

Ho fatto amicizia con Kim Anderson, ricercatrice presso il Miami Project, circa cinque anni fa. Kim è tetraplegica come me. Lo è diventata parecchi anni fa, ha studiato ed è diventata esperta di ricerca sulle lesioni spinali ed ora è uno dei migliori ricercatori del Miami Project. Lei è una tale fonte di ispirazione per me ed è una donna davvero incantevole.

LOLLY AND KIMKim mi ha parlato dei progressi degli studi clinici che si stanno svolgendo attualmente sulle lesioni acute al Miami Project. Mi ha confermato che se avranno successo si procederà con le lesioni croniche. Finora tutto procede bene, ma entrambe concordiamo nel dire che siamo molto entusiaste per gli altri studi, quelli a cui prenderanno parte persone con lesioni spinali croniche.
Kim ha anche affermato che questo è il momento più emozionante che abbia mai conosciuto, visti i “lavori in corso” in tutto il mondo.

Ora c’è realmente speranza … Non si tratta di SE, ma di QUANDO!

La vostra Cure Girl Lolly

Cure Girl Sabrina: “We have a FREE soul in a CLOSED body”.


SABRINA FERRIHi! I’m Sabrina from Brazil and I’m a Cure Girl. I met Loredana after a little “joke” on Facebook: I put a photo with other wheelchair girls seeking 50.000 “likes” to the cure of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury! It’s not a big deal, but after that I could meet some girls that share the same big dream that I have: The CURE for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

It was on may 2008. One day I fell off a swing that simulates surf in the air. I had always been an atlethic girl but in few seconds I became totally paralyzed shoulders down.

I work, do fisiotherapy  travel, but I need somebody 24h by my side, it’s unworthy and only I can feel this pain.

Since then, I have a dream: Find a CURE to SCI. It’s not just for me, It’s for the future, for everybody. We need to show to the world how important It is to find a CURE FOR PARALYSIS.

Just In Brazil we have 11.000 new injuries per year, people who lose their independence and their dignity.Sabrina's fisiotherapy

Nobody deserves to live in a wheelchair. The world needs to know about our reality, we are not heros or the strongest person that you know but we have a free soul in a closed body. We wanna change this and we are fighting for it.

The future for Spinal cord Injury is a cure.

“If you don’t live for anything you’ll die for nothing”.



FLYYesterday I did my skydive for Spinal Research UK and Back Up. I’m still pretty speechless over the whole experience. It was a very early start, waking up at 4.30 am. I went to catch the train at 7am along with with the support of my family and friends. Arrived at Sibson Airfield in Peterborough at 8am. Headed to the Jumpers Registration office and met all the lovely professional people who were working there doing the jumps.

My professional tandem jumper was a lovely guy called Chris. Immediately I felt that I could trust him, he has done over 8,000 jumps.

Lolly and Chris

I was the on the third plane to be taken up… the wait for this felt like a lifetime but was only a couple of hours.
Then.. that was it.. I WAS NEXT.. EEEEKKKK!!!!! I didn’t feel nervous just very excited as I’ve wanted to do this for many years now.. way before my injury. I was lifted in the plane by the team and that’s when I got strapped onto Chris.

GO LOLLY GO!The plane was going higher and higher.. three miles UP in the air around 15,000 ft. We got higher than the clouds and that is when I started feeling nervous. The shutter then opened and Chris and I sat on the edge with our legs hanging out of the plane.. then WOW out we went. What a feeling it was free falling through the sky and the clouds. Finally the parachute opened and we were gliding through the sky and looking down at the world which felt surreal.


My first feeling of complete freedom since my injury. On landing it was great seeing the faces of my family and friends as they looked relieved I was ok. I raised just over £3,000 for Spinal Research and Back Up. Thank you to everyone who has sponsored and supported me. I really cannot put into words how grateful I am.

Lots of love from Cure Girl Lolly [the new complete adrenaline junkie!!!] x

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IFLYeri ho effettuato un lancio con il paracadute per raccogliere fondi  da destinare a Spinal Research UK e  a Back Up. Sono ancora senza parole per questa esperienza.

E’ iniziato tutto molto presto, la sveglia ha suonato alle 4 e mezza del mattino.  Ho preso il treno alle 7, accompagnata della mia famiglia e dai miei amici. Sono arrivata alle 8 presso il Sibson Airfield di Peterborough. Ci siamo diretti in ufficio per la registrazione, lì ho incontrato brave persone, professionisti esperti di lanci con il paracadute, che lavorano per la struttura.

Il mio accompagnatore, professionista di lanci in tandem con il paracadute, è stato un ragazzo incantevole di nome Chris.

Lolly and Chris

Immediatamente ho sentito che potevo fidarmi di lui, nella sua carriera ha effettuato oltre 8.000 salti.
Il mio aereo sarebbe stato il terzo … l’attesa mi è sembrata durare una vita, ma in realtà si è trattato solo di un paio di ore.

E poi…Eccoci toccava a me…LA PROSSIMA ERO IO!! Non mi sentivo nervosa, solo molto eccitata, erano anni che sognavo di farlo .. Già da prima del mio incidente.

Mi hanno fatto salire sull’aereo e da quel momento sono stata agganciata a Chris.GO LOLLY GO! L’aereo saliva sempre più in alto, ha raggiunto tre miglia d’altezza, circa 15.000 piedi. Abbiamo oltrepassato le nuvole e in quel momento ho cominciato a sentirmi nervosa. Una volta aperto il portellone io e Chris ci siamo seduti sul bordo con le gambe a penzoloni fuori dall’aereo…Poi ci siamo lanciati WOW.  Che sensazione! Ci si sente in caduta libera attraverso il cielo e le nuvole.

LOLLY SKYDIVE CERTIFICATEInfine il paracadute si è aperto e siamo scivolati attraverso il cielo, guardando il mondo che sembrava surreale.

E’ stata la prima volta che mi sono sentita libera da quando sono diventata tetraplegica.

Una volta giunti a terra è stato bello vedere i volti della mia famiglia e dei miei amici sollevati perchè tutto era andato per il meglio e io stavo bene.

Ho raccolto poco più di 3.000 sterline da destinare a Spinal Research Uk e a Back Up.

Grazie a tutti quelli che mi hanno supportato e sostenuto. Non riesco davvero ad esprimere a parole tutta la mia gratitudine.

Con immenso affetto

La vostra Cure Girl Lolly

[completamente drogata di adrenalina!] X

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Happy Easter from Cure Girls! Buona Pasqua dalle Cure Girls!

Happy Easter from Cure Girls! Buona Pasqua dalle Cure Girls!

Happy Easter from Cure Girls!  – Buona Pasqua dalle Cure Girls!

Chronic  Spinal  Cord  Injury Must Become Curable!

Cure Girls



Barbara BucciMi chiamo Barbara, ho 36 anni e sono tetraplegica dal 1987, quando, in seguito ad una caduta dall’altalena, ho subito una lesione cervicale del midollo spinale che mi ha compromesso l’uso totale dei quattro arti. Mi ritengo una “Cure Girl” perché desidero con tutto il cuore che si trovi presto una cura per tutti i tipi di lesione spinale e per tutti i livelli. Ma, in modo particolare, per tutte quelle lesioni che comportano la perdita totale e/o parziale dell’autonomia nel gestire la propria persona.

La gravità della mia lesione e il suo alto livello (C4-C5) ha determinato una condizione di dipendenza per lo svolgimento delle azioni necessarie al vivere quotidiano, causando grandi disagi non solo a me. Essere dipendente dagli altri è una delle cose peggiori che l’essere umano può sperimentare. Tutto questo è aggravato dal fatto che, nella maggior parte dei casi, sono i familiari a prendersi tutto il carico dell’assistenza. Perciò, solo una cura definitiva al fine di recuperare almeno tutti quei movimenti che permettono la totale autonomia è l’unica soluzione per cambiare le cose; ogni altro rimedio è solo un palliativo.

L’attenzione sulla ricerca medica per la cura delle lesioni spinali è pressoché inesistente, soprattutto in Italia; e questo accade perché inesistente è l’informazione sulle conseguenze che questo tipo di trauma comporta… come se non bastasse l’immobilità di per sé ad esigere che una cura venga trovata al più presto!

Barbara BucciGrazie ad Internet possiamo diffondere la nostra voce e far conoscere a tutti cos’è effettivamente una lesione spinale, così tutti si renderanno conto di quanto è importante tenere sempre accesi i riflettori sulla ricerca medica, come avviene per tante altre malattie invalidanti.

“La felicità è…  sentire i capelli fra le dita…  prendere in braccio un bambino… applaudire a un concerto… tenere fra le mani una tazza di latte caldo… camminare a piedi nudi sulla sabbia bagnata…

Basta poco per essere felici.”

La Vostra Cure Girl Barbara



Barbara BucciMy name is Barbara, I’m 36 years old and I’m quadriplegic since 1987, when, following a fall from my swing, I suffered a cervical spinal cord injury that has affected me the full use of my arms and legs. I consider myself a “Cure Girl” because I wish with all my heart that a cure will be found soon for all types of spinal cord injury and for all levels. In particular, for all those injuries that cause the total and/or partial loss of autonomy in taking care of themselves.

The severity of my injury and its high level (C4-C5) resulted in a condition of dependence to perform the actions necessary to daily life, causing great inconvenience not only to me. Being dependent on others is one of the worst things that a human being can experience. All this is aggravated by the fact that, in most cases, family has to take the whole load of assistance. Therefore, only permanent cure to recover at least all those movements that allow complete autonomy is the only way to change things; every other remedy is only a palliative.

The focus on medical research to cure spinal cord injuries is very lacking, especially in Italy, and this is because there is a very little information on the consequences which this type of trauma involves… as if paralysis itself is not enough to require the need of a cure!

Barbara BucciThanks to Internet we can spread our voice and let everyone know what is actually a spinal injury, so everyone will realize how important it is to always keep the spotlight on medical research, as it occurs with many other disabilities.

“Happiness is… feel the hair through  your fingers… take a child in your arms… clapping at a concert… hold in your hands a cup of hot milk… walking barefoot on wet sand…

It does not take much to be happy.”

Our Cure Girl Barbara