Huge Thanks to The Retreat People for Supporting the Cure Girls!

Nothing touches my heart more than when people go out or there way and show such kindness to raise money and support our cause to make chronic spinal cord injury curable!

My dear friend Lisa Maxine Walker did just that recently with her company. Lisa (co owner of The Retreat People) and I have worked in the Beauty industry together many years ago. Since my spinal cord injury back in 2004, Lisa has always encouraged and praised my mission. It’s such a great feeling knowing that your family and friends are right behind you!

I was literally over the moon when Lisa asked me how she could support the Cure Girls and our urgency to make paralysis reversible.

This fabulous company organises bespoke experiences at wellness retreats where you can go for total mind and body rejuvenation.

They focus on a plant based healthy diet, yoga sessions, massages and much, much more! All of that in gorgeous surroundings what more could you ask for?

With every booking they have they will donate a percentage to Spinal Research charity.

Go check The Retreat People out on their website:

You can also find them on Facebook & Instagram!

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