Freedom to do what we want toAndremo oltre i limiti e confini liberi vedrai
faremo cose che non hai osato immaginare mai
Via senza più problemi andiamo
via senza regole
Godersi giorno dopo giorno
ogni momento che verrà
sarà diverso mai più tempo perso
aspettando che la vita va …

Raf  – Via  (2001)

Crush Chronic Spinal Cord Injury!

Crush Chronic Spinal Cord Injury!…We are crushed and created
We are melted and made
We are broken and built up, in the very same way…

Caitlyn Smith – Crushed And Created (2007) 


WE WANT TO FEEL THE SENSE OF TOUCHJust you try TYING YOUR HANDS AND LEGS UP! Now try to live just one day like this…The main consequence of spinal cord injury is permanent disability or loss of sensation and movement below the site of injury. This is our HELL!!!!

We need our hands and legs to be fully functioning again. We need this in order to regain our life back!

Cure Girls




WE WANT TO FEEL THE SENSE OF TOUCHLegatevi le mani e le gambe… Ora provate a vivere un solo intero giorno in questa condizione… La principale conseguenza delle lesioni al midollo spinale è un’invalidità permanente con perdita di sensibilità e di movimento al di sotto del sito della lesione. Questo è il nostro INFERNO!

Abbiamo bisogno delle nostre mani e delle nostre gambe per essere di nuovo completamente sani. Abbiamo bisogno di questo, per riconquistare la nostra vita!

Cure Girls



We were born to Walk not to Roll

“Questi stivali sono fatti per camminare, ed è proprio quello che faranno, uno di questi giorni questi stivali cammineranno su di te.”

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966)


We were born to Walk not to Roll

“These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you.”

Nancy Sinatra – These Boots Are Made For Walking (1966)

Marina Romoli: I Want To Ride My Bike Again

Marina: I want to ride my bike again!Hello, my name is Marina. Since childhood I have always loved sports and bikes. I was been a professional Marina: I'm a cure girl!cyclist for 4 years but on June 1st,2010 in a split second I lost everything.  I was hit by a car while training on the road. That caused me a spinal cord injury and a severe facial trauma. This accident left me paraplegic and several plastic surgeries have been necessary to repair my facial trauma. I never stopped hoping in a cure that can restore me as I was before. Everyday I undertake an intensive exercise regime but unfortunately, this alone does not cure spinal cord injury.marina romoli onlus

I think that only hope for us is to support medical research to find a cure for Chronic Spinal Cord injury. For that goal I have created a non-profit organization called Marina Romoli Onlus that aims to raise funds for chronic spinal cord injury research.

In my future I don’t see myself sitting in a wheelchair, we must be confident that the science will give us the solution!

The only way for us to get back to a really independent life is a cure for chronic spinal cord injury ! For this I am proud to be a Cure Girl!

Marina Romoli

Marina spoke about her story in an interview on Italian television (Dribbling Rai 2) on December 1st, 2012