Marina Romoli: I Want To Ride My Bike Again

Marina: I want to ride my bike again!Hello, my name is Marina. Since childhood I have always loved sports and bikes. I was been a professional Marina: I'm a cure girl!cyclist for 4 years but on June 1st,2010 in a split second I lost everything.  I was hit by a car while training on the road. That caused me a spinal cord injury and a severe facial trauma. This accident left me paraplegic and several plastic surgeries have been necessary to repair my facial trauma. I never stopped hoping in a cure that can restore me as I was before. Everyday I undertake an intensive exercise regime but unfortunately, this alone does not cure spinal cord injury.marina romoli onlus

I think that only hope for us is to support medical research to find a cure for Chronic Spinal Cord injury. For that goal I have created a non-profit organization called Marina Romoli Onlus that aims to raise funds for chronic spinal cord injury research.

In my future I don’t see myself sitting in a wheelchair, we must be confident that the science will give us the solution!

The only way for us to get back to a really independent life is a cure for chronic spinal cord injury ! For this I am proud to be a Cure Girl!

Marina Romoli

Marina spoke about her story in an interview on Italian television (Dribbling Rai 2) on December 1st, 2012


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