A cure to be free againGoogle Trend says Google users searched for “spinal cord injury” more than ever before or after in October 2004 when Superman, Christopher Reeve, passed away due to complications from his high cervical spinal cord injury.

“It then was in October 2004 that our movement lost its most recognizable face, and our most passionate advocate for a cure. Since then, as technical traders say about a stock chart, the trend is from the “upper left to the lower right. People are searching less and less for the term “spinal cord injury”.”

This is something of a worry. And something that brings a great sadness to me and many others I’m sure. How many of us are in this world who before 2004 and since then have suffered a spinal cord injury and who are searching for a cure, hoping that soon we’ll see a way to have us all back on our feet again.

This trend is bad for all of us. We need to get out there and raise awareness that spinal cord injury doesn’t mean an end to your life. But it also doesn’t mean that you loose hope for a cure. One day this will happen and if we all keep spreading the word, talking to as many people who will listen about our cause then one day this will come.

Just a month before my own accident Christopher Reeve also had a riding accident which left him with considerably more paralysis. But he didn’t give up. He and his wife spent their life time trying to raise money for spinal research.
The cure unfortunately didn’t come soon enough for Christopher but we all need to continue to support research and find the cure for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

Being Cure Girls we are trying to spread awareness and show people all over the world that a cure for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury is still something vitally important. This is something we all believe in and we know will one day become reality, if we just keep on fighting. Never giving up.

Therefore when people do searches now, it should trend up and up and up to the right. Because the Cure Girls are now raising awareness and raising funds for spinal research, this is not the end, it’s the beginning. This is something new, but it is something we are building on.

“We were all born to walk not to roll”.

Cure Girl Rebecca.

Read more about it: http://www.scisucks.org/content/what-does-google-trends-tell-us-about-spinal-cord-injury