Wings for Life World Run 2019

Barbara e Paola“If for any reason, Barbara couldn’t partecipate to the Wings for Life World Run, I will take it in Giuliano Teatino”!

Who said this is my cousin Paola when she took part in 2017 to the last edition of WfLWR in Milan. I missed that edition after I partecipated to the 2015 and 2016 ones. So she made that promise to herself. And she kept it! This year we organized an AppRun in our little country town in the centre of Italy.

We raised totally 2,884 euros which for a country of 1,200 inhabitants is an excellent result!

And what a day we had! We got up with a beautiful sun, then they came rain and wind, and sun again just 10 minutes before the start!

We approached to the starting line on the cry of “We will rock you” and on the notes of “No easy way out” the race started.

I ran pushed by my cousin at the start, then other runners took her place at turn until the end after 3.4 km.

I couldn’t realize how many people were behind me, but I heard the sound of the shoes on the asphalt and it seemed like an orchestra. Four guys got the best performance having been reached by the virtual catcher car at 16 km.

But the best result at all was the enthusiasm of people before, during and after the race… running is the greatest expression of freedom to move, and “run for those who can’t” is the best way to raise awareness on the urgency of finding a cure for spinal cord injury and make the paralysis reversible.

See you next year, May 3rd! Hoping to have good news from the medical research.

Cure Girl Barbara

App run Giuliano Teatino - 1

Photo credit by @fotograferiadipietrantonio


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