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Thanks to your effort we raised 1660€ for research for a cure for Paralysis. Wings for Life World Run, See you next year! 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️💪🏻




The Italian Cure Girls continue sponsoring a collaboration between two prestigious US universities

cg-and-prof-silverIn 2017 as a result of the meetings the Cure Girls had in London in September 2016 the Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) has sponsored a collaborative research project between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and The Ohio State University (OSU). The total contribution has been of $50.000 ($25.000 to CWRU and $25.000 to OSU).

After reviewing the preliminary results of the first part of the project completed in 2017, the board of MROA has decided to give another contribution of $50.000 ($25.000 to CWRU and $25.000 to OSU) to support the continuation of the research project that in the last part will include testing the approach on a model of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

The title of the project is:“Promoting functional reorganization in the injured spinal cord using a combinatorial strategy to maximize recovery”. The Research will be supervised by Prof. Jerry Silver, principal investigator for CWRU and Dr. Andrea Tedeschi, principal investigator for OSU.DR.Tedeschi.png

This research project, if successful, will bring us much closer to finding therapies to reverse both acute and Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

“It is an honor for MROA to continue sponsoring a collaboration between these two very prestigious US Universities and we wish the best of luck to both Prof. Silver and Dr. Tedeschi!” – Marina Romoli

MROA wants to thank all the supporters, in particular the association named “RIIM” that made another  contribution to MROA to fund half of the contribution.

Cure Girls


Lolly: I’ve become an official Ambassador for Spinal Research!

Yesterday I visited the Spinal Research team at their office in London.

Louise Wheeler, head of fundraising and events presented me with a certificate of thanks for raising £1,700 for my 350 mile virtual cycle. The donations are still coming in, so thanks again to everyone who sponsored me and still helping me raise awareness for a cure for paralysis!

I’m chuffed to bits and also very proud to announce that I’ve become an official Ambassador for Spinal Research! I will work extremely hard with the charity to keep raising awareness by fundraising, organising events and creating an urgency for a cure for spinal cord injury.

There’s lots of exciting events coming up for Spinal Research charity which I’ll be looking forward to participating in.

Stay in touch with all the research news and events by following #spinalresearch on #Facebook #twitter and also on their website: 👣

You can also check out @curegirls for our fundraising/shenanigans! #CureGirls #onamission #cureparalysis #findacure #research #british #curegirl #lollymack #ambassador #charity #dontgiveupthefight #paralysed #quadriplegic #tetraplegic #wecandoit #nevergiveup

Cure Girl Lolly

Cure Girl Lolly’s Visit to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis 2018

Lolly - Miami 3Recently I visited the Miami Project which is one of the largest research centres in the world for spinal cord injury.
Over the years I’ve been visiting the centre regularly and meeting with Dr Kim Anderson to catch up on the latest news and research updates. This time I also met Dr Katie Gant who will be taking over Kim’s role when she leaves soon to work in Cleveland.
Dr. Anderson and I spoke about funding the trials for the Miami Project and as always the funds derive from charities, in their case the majority from The Buoniconti Fund and recent donation from The Walkabout Foundation etc.
Lolly - Miami 1I asked the question which I ask every doctor and researcher that I meet and that is “When do you think a therapy will become available for a reversal for paralysis?” and as always no one can actually give us that answer. Dr Anderson understands our frustration as she too has a spinal cord injury and has been injured for 29 years.
I also asked “Researchers work in many different directions, exoskeletons, electrical stimulation, gene therapy, cell therapy etc. What is in her opinion the line of research that should have priority at the moment if our goal is to walk out of chairs?” Dr Anderson believes that all lines of research are important for spinal cord injury cure as it won’t be necessarily one therapy that will ultimately be a cure for us but we will need a range of physical therapy equipment along with a treatment or range of treatments to cure paralysis.
I also mentioned do they think the focus of cure in general has somewhat diminished since the passing of Christopher Reeve? Dr. Anderson did say that is why awareness is so important, just like what the Cure Girls and others like you are doing to educate and make a strong cure message!
She also replied I know that you girls will never give up!

Cure Girl Lolly

The Cure Girls have donated €10 000 to Spinal Research

The Cure Girls are proud to announce that they have donated €10000 to Spinal Research, the UK’s leading charity funding medical research around the world to develop effective treatments for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury.

After our meeting in London of August 2017 with Alison Wadley (Marketing and Communications Manager at Spinal Research), Prof. Elizabeth Bradbury (Professor of Regenerative Medicine & Neuroplasticity) and her team at King’s College London, the Cure Girls were positively impressed by both the work of Spinal Research and Prof. Elizabeth Bradbury, and decided to contribute even more. The Italian charity ‘Marina Romoli Onlus Association’ founded by the Cure Girl Marina Romoli decided to make a donation of €10 000 to Spinal Research.

_DSC4467This donation will go towards Spinal Research’s CHASE-IT project to develop an effective therapy for spinal cord injury using the neuroplasticity enhancing properties of the bacterial enzyme chondroitinase.

We wish the best of luck to all the researchers involved in the project and hope this effort will bring us an effective therapy for chronic spinal cord injury.

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We are back!

Every Autumn the Italian Cure Girls are involved in organising the Ottobiano Sport Show which is an annual fundraising event supporting the research for a cure for chronic spinal cord injuries.

This year the event will be dedicated mainly to children and will focus on preventing paralysis from spinal cord injury through education for safety, responsibility and awareness. In the report “International Perspectives on Spinal Cord Injury” published by the World Health Organisation in 2013, spinal cord injuries can occur for several different reasons, eg. car accidents, falls, violence, and during work, sport and home activities.  When an injury occurs following a traumatic event (such as a car accident or a fall), within a few seconds you move from a condition of good health to a permanent disability.

We have decided to ask our famous sports personalities and supporters to accompany us in schools to explain to children what it means to be paralysed and try to make them aware of how much a distraction may drastically change their lives and that of their family, thus encouraging them to pay more attention and to support medical research.

The Ottobiano Sport Show which will be commencing soon so we had some meetings in the schools called “Praticate Sport in Sicurezza” (Playing Sport Safely). Over 1,000 students, from middle school to high school attended to hear the advice of great sports champions like Mike Maric, the world famous freediver champion and trainer, Max Verderosa, the Supermoto champion, and also Giacomo Nizzolo who is the world cycling champion.  Video

Cure Girl Loredana told her story and also stories of the other Cure Girls to children in Pavia schools whom have made over 500 drawings on the subject. All this was made possible thanks to the great sport champions, in collaboration with “Associazione Corridori Ciclisti Professionisti Italiani”,  “Associazione Biblioteca Giovannini Magenta” and to the amazing support of “Ottobiano Motorsport”, “Decathlon Voghera“, “H&H Sports Protection” and “Motowide”.

“The goal is to tell children what spinal cord injury actually is and how much it is essential to support research for a cure for people with paralysis, raising awareness at the same time about the dangers and consequences of car and sport accidents which unfortunately can cause it” says Loredana.”I thank our supporters and sponsors for the support they have showed once again. Marina and I, thanks to the activities of her Association (Marina Romoli Onlus), hope to be able to make an important contribution so that paralysis can eventually become curable and if we succeed will be mainly thanks to the people who support us in the many difficult steps we are trying to accomplish each day. In particular, if our presence in schools will help only one of the children who have listened to us, it will be a great achievement for us”.

Loredana commented and invites everybody at the “Pista South Milano in Ottobiano (Pavia) on Sunday, November 19, for Ottobiano Sport Show.


London: The Cure Girls Are Back!

Just as we change, so do the cities. Twenty five years later I returned to the Queen’s land. Since I was last here in my early teens (and I still walked), it was a different city for me.

Sabrina e Lolly a ParigiLondon was an incredible experience for its receptivity, accessibility and intensity. Receptivity because I could feel, since my arrival, how the bonds have grown stronger even at a distance — Lolly, her brothers Tony and Gary and their mother Maureen welcomed me as part of the family we really are. The accessibility made it possible for us to fulfill the really intense schedule we had between pubs, Paris and occasional tourism.

Our first appointment was meeting the incredible staff at Spinal Research’s office and formalise the donation of £1,500 that was collected at Stand Up for a Cure — a party which me and Lolly, representing the Cure Girls, organized in Brazil. Our next step was a visit to the lab _DSC4467of Dr. Liz Bradbury at Kings College, where she talked about her fifteen years of research and search for the healing of spinal cord injuries. We got to see incredible things which she uses in her studies. In the afternoon we went to the UCL lab which outlines another line of research, seeking to treat chronic injuries in humans and is funded by the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation. We spoke to Charlotte who is the Finance Manager of NSIF and also the researcher Professor Ying Li and the team. alla nsifWe’re looking forward for the good news in the years to come! On that day I personally met Loredana, my “cure girl sister” from Italy. Hopefully, soon everyone will know even more about the projects and hopes from seven girls around the world fighting for the healing of spinal cord injuries. May the possibility of truly effective treatments for the spinal cord injury arise from this meeting. I’m still dreaming of watching a Rolling Stones concert in Hyde Park — and for this to happen, both Mick & Co. and Cure Girls will need science walking by our sides. “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…”

Cure Girl Sabrina