Cure Girl Lolly’s Visit to the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis 2018

Lolly - Miami 3Recently I visited the Miami Project which is one of the largest research centres in the world for spinal cord injury.
Over the years I’ve been visiting the centre regularly and meeting with Dr Kim Anderson to catch up on the latest news and research updates. This time I also met Dr Katie Gant who will be taking over Kim’s role when she leaves soon to work in Cleveland.
Dr. Anderson and I spoke about funding the trials for the Miami Project and as always the funds derive from charities, in their case the majority from The Buoniconti Fund and recent donation from The Walkabout Foundation etc.
Lolly - Miami 1I asked the question which I ask every doctor and researcher that I meet and that is “When do you think a therapy will become available for a reversal for paralysis?” and as always no one can actually give us that answer. Dr Anderson understands our frustration as she too has a spinal cord injury and has been injured for 29 years.
I also asked “Researchers work in many different directions, exoskeletons, electrical stimulation, gene therapy, cell therapy etc. What is in her opinion the line of research that should have priority at the moment if our goal is to walk out of chairs?” Dr Anderson believes that all lines of research are important for spinal cord injury cure as it won’t be necessarily one therapy that will ultimately be a cure for us but we will need a range of physical therapy equipment along with a treatment or range of treatments to cure paralysis.
I also mentioned do they think the focus of cure in general has somewhat diminished since the passing of Christopher Reeve? Dr. Anderson did say that is why awareness is so important, just like what the Cure Girls and others like you are doing to educate and make a strong cure message!
She also replied I know that you girls will never give up!

Cure Girl Lolly


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