Cure Girl Lolly At The Spinal Research Reception Evening

On 7th September 2012 I attended The Spinal Research Reception Evening at Kings College, London. I attend this every year as I think it’s extremely important to keep updated with what’s new on the research front.

Dr. Mark Bacon who is the Director of Research, did a talk on The Future of Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Repair – A Focus on Chondroitinaise.  Programme

Chondroitinaise is a bacterial enzyme which is able to digest scar tissue that impedes nerve regeneration and stifles changes needed for effective rehabilitation. Researchers are currently looking to modify this enzyme into a form that is safe for use in humans so that it can be taken into clinical trials. This has already shown fantastic results in which treated animal models have reduced scarring, preserved nerve function in the injury zone and demonstrated better recovery of normal movements. This treatment holds great promise and has generated much excitement in the scientific community.

About Chondroitinaise:

There were also lab tours and a talk by Dan Eley who is the face of Spinal Research. Dan spoke about life after spinal cord injury and also the importance of physiotherapy. Keeping the body as fit and healthy as possible is imperative to be ready for a reversal for paralysis.
It was great to meet Dr. Mark Bacon at the end of the evening to thank him for his hard work into finding a cure for us and also telling him about our CURE GIRLS BLOG.

Cure Girl Lolly & Dr. M.Bacon

A very big thank you to all at SPINAL RESEARCH for a great evening. We need to raise as much money as we possibly can so that the researchers can carry on with these very important trials. Lolly’s Skidive for Spinal Research
Lolly Mack

About Spinal Research: 

Read about Spinal Research achievements over the last year in the Annual Review 2011-12 – Available to download from Spinal Research website:

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