Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Is Our Jail

Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Is Our Jail

“In 2004 I sustained a spinal cord injury after a night out with friends. I was then told by doctors that not only would I not be able to walk but I would not be able to use my arms/hands too. I am tetraplegic. Complete devastation, loss of independence and also dignity. Not to be able to carry out the smallest of tasks such as wash my face, do your hair,make-up etc. Being completely reliant on other people.. all I can say is that it really is being like a prisoner in your own body.

I have a daily regime of physiotherapy five days per week for four hours per day. This is very important for when a CURE comes along.

Chronic Spinal Cord Injury Cure Is On The Horyzon

I try to live my life to the fullest while I’m in this situation.. I love travelling, fashion, doing crazy stuff and lots of socializing but I forever dream of the day when I can return to my former self. I am very lucky to have an amazing family and truly great friends who help me fight this devastating injury.


I am a FIGHTER and also a very positive person who truly believes that this situation is not forever. FREEDOM = CURE.”

 Lolly Mack


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