Rebecca:“I Wanna Be a Cure Girl”

Rebecca Baudains: “I Wanna Be a Cure Girl!”

Hi, my name is Rebecca Baudains and I Wanna Be a Cure Girl!

I am from Jersey in the Channel Islands. Near England, but we are on an island.

I had a horseriding accident in June 95. I was 22. I am paraplegic. I believe we are all some day going to get the opportunity to stand if not walk. Even it is with some kind of help.

I want badly to be one of the girls to be cured just like all your cure girls. I live an “active” life. I work in a bank since having to retrain after my accident. I have done sponsored walk/pushes. I do the marathon relay in Jersey.

I have a young son who is 5 and a husband, neither of them has seen me walk. I want that, one day I’d like to get married again and walk down the aisle. And I hope I make it!

I think chronic spinal cord injury must be curable. I have heard so many reports of how scientists are developing cures and making rats walk again. For this reason, next year I will be raising all money for Unite 2 Fight Paralysis

Rebecca Baudains

2 thoughts on “Rebecca:“I Wanna Be a Cure Girl”

    • hi rebecca, you are a amazing woman i’m a tetra c6/c7 living in south wales. Having a accident jan 2010 in the house.I also believe that ther will be a cure.


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