“Love” after Spinal Cord Injury


How do I feel when you’re near me, my love? My heart is beating and my mind thinks about how it would be nice to make love with you. But then what?

You move closer to me and kiss me. I wish that I could be free to move but I can’t.

While every other woman would let go, my mind screams: “Hope my bladder doesn’t leak and face embarrassment. Uhm.. I have to stop him and tell him I have to catheterize first but I should expect to undress me before?”.

It is humiliating and isn’t sexy.

Then I try to convince myself: “We’ll just have to get used to the idea if we want to stay together”.

Passion? My passion is blurred, all my mind can do is worry. I don’t feel anything…Not even a caress… I hate it that I can’t even feel my partner’s hands caressing my skin.

A Cure Girl in Love