Public hearing for the Cure Girls at the Commission “Health and Social Affairs” of the Regional Council of Lombardy

Last Tuesday, July 22, the Cure Girls Arcangela, Marina and Loredana were in the headquarter of the Regional Counsil of Lombardy to ask for fund to support the research of a cure for paralysis.


The 3rd Commission “Health and Social Affairs” has listened to the proposal explained by Loredana, as the vice president of Marina Romoli Onlus Association, about the establishment of a fund to support the research of a cure for paralysis due to “chronic spinal cord injury”.

The president Fabio Rizzi and the councilors Maria Teresa Baldini, Paola Macchi and Lara Magoni shown to be favourable at this initiative and willing to follow it in all the bureaucratic procedures needed. Our group was fully available to submit further ideas about the kind of reserach to fund, names of expert researchers in the field to get in touch with and excellence centers to take account of in order to develop a new research project in Lombardy.

copertinaWe realise that the road leading toward a cure for paralysis is still long and full of obstacles, but we hope the sensitivity and the interest shown to us by the members of the commission will help accelerating the progress to make Chronic spinal cord injury curable!

Cure Girls


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