The Cure Girls Took Part In The Ride For Life 2013 Event.

Some days you wake up and think that you are not able to go on in this way. You would like “to get up” but your legs cannot move and they remind you that alone you cannot do it.

In those days it is very difficult to find the persistence to say: “I will never give up, I go on to fight!”.

Despite everything and everybody, you try to be strong (because to be strong is the only choice you have) and try to find a way to avoid the fact that other people have to suffer like you because of spinal cord injury and in your heart you hope that  from your efforts, your anger and your pain, something good can be found, for everybody, including yourself.

Ride for Life is for me an example of it.

Ride for Life is a charity sporting event organized by  Riders4Riders Onlus e Marina Romoli Onlus associations and it has been created to help young bikers/cyclists that suffer a SCI and to actively support medical research for a cure of chronic spinal cord injury.
Ride for Life - Trofeo Antonelli
Also this year the Italian Cure Girls, have actively participated in the event that was held on last November 16th and 17th by the South Milano Track in Ottobiano.
Thanks to all bikers/cyclists champions and to all the people that participated to the event, they have been able to raise € 30.000  for spinal cord injury cure. Money raised during the previous editions, have been addressed, thanks to a collaboration with Wings for Life, to the project of prof. Gregoire Courtine by EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fedérale de Lausanne) in Switzerland, a project focused on finding ways to restore sensory and motor functions that have been interrupted due to a spinal cord injury.

In the coming months, the Wings for Life Scientific Committee will be announcing a new competition for 2014 in which researchers can participate with their projects. Next spring the Scientific Committee will be deciding the list of the most deserving projects. The organizers of Ride for Life will choose to assign the amount collected with the 2013 edition. “It takes time –  Marina Romoli Onlus and Riders4Riders Onlus representatives explained – but we want to assign the collected amount to a serious project that can produce concrete results; so in addition to the challenge of fundraising we also have to be meticulous in choosing the projects to be funded. In May we’re visiting the laboratories of Professor Courtine to see how the work is progressing and decide whether to continue to invest in the project we chose last year”.

Ride for LifeWe Cure Girls have met many champions of international motorcycling and cycling, politicians, journalists, young men and women in wheelchairs and lot of ordinary people who were there to support us in our fight for CURE.

The Italian media has given extensive coverage to Ride for Life; there were many articles and reports which have highlighted the aim of Ride for Life and in this way our message has reached the heart of people who unfortunately could not participate in the event. The next edition of Ride for Life will be in November 16, 2014 at the Circuito Internazionale South Milano in Ottobiano.

The Cure Girls would like to thank all those who, even with a little help, have contributed to the excellent success of Ride for Life 2013, but especially those who believe, hope and struggle with us to make sure that one day chronic spinal cord injury become curable!

Comunicato Stampa Ride For Life 2013

Rassegna Stampa Ride for Life


Ride for Life 2013 - foto di gruppo finale


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