“Clothes make the Girl” (Part 1)


Sometimes when I see nice dresses while window shopping, I can’t help thinking about how nice it would look on me if I was still able to walk.

After seven years of life with a sci this feeling is not as strong as in the beginning. But there are still days that those thoughts are coming back and they are not always easy to deal with. And no: I can’t stay away from the shopping centre!

It’s not easy to buy good and nice clothes when you’re in a chair. Or to tell you the truth: you completely have to change your style. And it will never be really you again, i think.

Sometimes we are forced to wear things that are not very charming, because of balance problems or to keep our bloodpressure up.

Things that you normally don’t have have to wear before you have reached the retirement age. Or to speak with Cure Girl Lolly’s words: “With a sci you sometimes have to wear things that you dont want to be seen dead in.”mutandoni_di_Bridget_Jones

There are more reasons why we can’t buy what we really like to wear : Clothes need to be elastic, because we can’t stand up to pull everything up.

In the streets you probably see many girls in those maxi dresses. They are nice, but if you don’t take enough attention, half of your dress rolls into your wheels in no time.

What about the size of sweaters and tops? It’s not always possible to buy things in a small size, because your arms can be too big from rolling around every day.

There is one really important point i want to share with all of you: We always need to be sure that our clothes don’t give us pressore sores, because we don’t want to spend most of our time in bed waiting for a wound to heal.

That’s why i cut off the pockets of my new jeans, before wearing them. One red mark can become a terrible wound. At the moment one of the cure girls is recovering from a sore and i think that this is one of the worst complications of a spinal cord injury.

I’m “glad” that leggings are still fashionable, especially in combination with a nice short dress. It’s the best clothing article for girls with a spinal cord injury. And I guess they are okay, as long as you don’t wear white ones 😦

To be continued

Cure Girl Maaike