Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Loredana’s Story

 Lory schienaI don’t like to celebrate birthdays because they remind me that time passes and yet there is still no cure for paralysis. My accident occurred in 2001 meaning that I have been paralysed for 14 years. I founded the Cure Girls because I thought that many women suffering just as I do could fight together and raise awareness about the serious problem that is paralysis caused by spinal cord injury. Each of the eight Cure Girls is individual and each has a different way of life. However, we all share the same goal: to return to an independent and autonomous life. The Cure Girls believe that only a cure that makes paralysis reversible will enable us to lead fulfilling lives. In these three years we have undertaken outreach programmes and fundraising. We have met with researchers and have been studying numerous lines of research. However, it is still not enough and our battle will only be over when paralysis becomes curable. We no longer want to live restricted lives, dependent on others to care for us. We no longer want paralysis to devastate our dreams and the dreams of other people. We want a cure for paralysis and only when we have reached our goal we can really celebrate! Thanks again to all of you who support us in this struggle.
Cure Girl Loredana