Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Sabrina’s Story

SabrinaI became a Cure Girl after we placed a picture with my friends from Brazil from march 2013, on facebook asking for likes to find a cure to spinal cord injury. I had almost 5000 shares and this was when Loredana saw me we then talked on skype. I then became a member of the Cure Girls team. It was amazing finding girls who think like me, that have suffered the same consequences of spinal cord injury. Our goal is find a cure to paralysis.  I am a kind of free soul. Before my injury I enjoyed spending my time doing sports. I loved my weekends, doing beach running and surfing. Then on may 2008 day I fell off a swing that simulates surf in the air. I was such an athletic girl and within seconds I’m total paralyzed from the shoulders down. We have this mission to find a cure and I will fight for a cure everyday of my life. To be able to take away the dependency on others would be one of the greatest achievements and you can have would bring great happiness to us all. In October 2014, fellow Cure Girl Lolly came to Brazil to visit me and we organized a party to raise money for research. It was a huge success and received a lot of media support. Every year I also support WFLWR (Wings for Life World Run), it is a simultaneously run event around the world and raises money for a cure and where 100% of the funds are given to research.

Join us in this mission! Follow us and support us to find a cure for spinal cord injury. Let’s walk again!

Cure Girl Sabrina