Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Rebecca’s Story

I joined the Cure Girls because I wanted to raise awareness of the need to find a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury, living life in a chair isn’t fun. We need to raise funds and spread the word and also raise as much money as we can to put towards the research to make this cure possible.
I am an identical twin, before my accident I spent all my life with my sister, rebecca 4we did everything together, the same subjects at school, same hobbies and friends and we went off to agricultural college together to learn to teach horse riding and equestrian business management. After qualifying we went on to riding hors es for other people and grooming. It was the best life, we had our own horses too, so we’d be looking after our own, then going off to work and having our own amount of horses to take care of and ride. I loved my job, my friends and all the nights out we all had. Being able to stay out all night, whenever we wanted Hunting, Eventing, Polo and young farmer’s life couldn’t be better. This is what we’d dreamed of. At the age of 22 during a Polo match a horse riding accident so horrific changed my life, split my sister and I in two and ripped me out of the world of horses, my whole life torn to shreds.A spinal cord injury ruins your life, takes the fun out of everything, tears you away from your passions whatever they may be and thrusts you into a horrible life of sitting down, catheters, urine infections, bladder and bowel’s that no longer work, along with your legs, and a life of people talking to you like you’re a child. It’s HELL!!!Rebecca a cavalloWe need a cure so that no more people have to go through what we are living through and ensure people can live the lives they dream of. People need to be aware of the different things we all have to go through, this isn’t just so we can all walk and feel again, there are so many awful things we have to cope with behind closed doors and also the mental torture we all have to try to battle with each day.I don’t want my worst enemy to have a spinal cord injury; it really is hell on earth.Being part of the Cure Girls has given me a purpose, and some loyal friends along the way. We are in many ways like sisters all joined together by life changing events. We are from all around the world and all have different languages but we are all passionate about finding a Cure for Spinal Cord Injury. We do not want anyone to go through what we have to go through daily.If we have to battle for years that is what we’ll do, but we’ll do it together and always remain focused on the Cure.

“Cure Girl Rebecca”