Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Arcangela’s Story

nuova arcy3 years of the Cure Girls….so proud to be part of this group! We are all women with a spinal cord injury, from different countries, with different stories but the same dream: to have our life back! Thanks to social networking, I found the Cure Girls and wanted to be part of in making our dream a reality. We decided to take part and/or create funding events, go to visit laboratories, and inform people about the realities of living with paralysis. The Cure Girls have been busy … we didn’t want just sit and wait! Before my accident I was happy with my life, it was a normal life but a life where I could decide what to do with it without limits. Everything was exciting….. After the accident everything changed…..In addition to the main problem, the enormous quantity of phisical problems, I have also been forced to face life with many restrictions, as I am no longer free to do what I wanted when and how I wanted……

Arcangela: "I sono una Cure Girl"

Arcangela: “I sono una Cure Girl”

No, this is not a life….Nobody should have to suffer the way paralysed people do (expecially those with high injuries). I want a CURE for chronic spinal cord injury! Only this way will both people already living with a spinal cord injury and the newly injured be able to recover from paralysis and rebuild their lives!

Cure Girl Arcangela