Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Marina’s Story

MarinaI’m Marina Romoli, an ex-professional cyclist and in June 2010 I became paralyzed after an accident during training. I lost my ability to cycle and also all of my professional sporting dreams.

This terrible event, however, did not make me lose the will to live. I decided to do something useful both for myself and for others living with SCI: I decided to dedicate myself to the utmost to find a cure for paralysis. To this end in 2011 my cycling friends and I founded the ‘Marina Romoli onlus’ with the aim of supporting young paralysed athletes who suffer the catastrophic consequences of paralysis. In 2012 I became the president of the ‘Marina Romoli onlus’ and I began to organize events and undertake fundraising for SCI research (

In this period I met Loredana Longo, the founder of the Cure Girls. She spoke to me about this international coalition of paraysed women who were fighting for a cure for paralysis. I was immediately exited and joined the Cure Girls. The central message of the Cure Girls is very important to me: the only way for paralysed people to be really happy and lead independent lives is to find a cure for paralysis. I strongly believe this and am therefore a real Cure Girl.

Cure Girl Marina


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