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bbcWe have nothing against robotics and compensatory devices as they can be a useful complementary approaches. However, the attention and funding they get seems to be exaggerated when considering their potential results, particularly in comparison to the potential results of regenerative therapies. Yes, robots are exiting; when you see them you immediately understand what they do. Regenerative research is more complex, more obscure and maybe longer term. But it is the kind of serious and total investment we need if we really want to solve the problem. Regenerative medicine has the potential to create a future without paralysis. Robotics can only compensate for a fraction of the problems experienced by people with spinal cord injury and as many paralysed people know, paralysis involves a lot more than just not walking.

The BBC has reported on compensatory devices like wearable robotic suits, but has not reported on the real cure.

We’re asking for fair coverage of regenerative medicine. Click on the link below and then click to send your email.

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 Cure Girls


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