Promoting safe participation in sport activities to prevent paralysis

By Marina Romoli Onlus Association

The Marina Romoli Onlus Association has been meeting students from primary schools to promote safe participation in sports and in particular to raise awareness about the consequences of Spinal Cord Injury, how to prevent it and how to help finding a cure.

On February 24th 2017 Loredana Longo, Vice President of Marina Romoli Onlus Association, has met students from the primary school of Garlasco (Pavia – Italy) together with Igor Cassina , (Italian gymnast who won gold in the men’s horizontal bar at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens), Max Verderosa (top rider of the Supermoto World Championship) and Mike Maric (Free Diving World Recordman).


Loredana Longo told the students about the Cure Girls and how each of them became paralyzed due to Spinal Cord Injury and what the Marina Romoli Onlus Association and all the Cure Girls are doing to help finding a cure for paralysis.

Igor Cassina, Max Verderosa and Mike Maric have explained the students how to practice sport safely sharing their experience to avoid accidents that may cause serious consequences such as Spinal Cord Injury.

All children have shown great attention to what we have told them and asked many questions to learn as much as possible from our ambassadors.

The meeting has been very successful and we are confident these children will practice sports more safely for the rest of their life and will support Marina Romoli Onlus Association to help finding a cure for paralysis!

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