This year has been a tough old year. Unprecedented times of a global coronavirus pandemic, social distancing and lockdowns have prevented many large events and fundraisers could not go ahead.
This means that particularly charities who fund medical research for paralysis and many other illnesses, conditions etc. are really struggling and this vital research is very much at risk.
It is estimated that there has approximately 4 billion pounds loss in the UK alone for these charities who are NOT government funded.
We have had to rethink the way we fundraise and campaign for our cause.
It’s imperative that we carry on supporting our charities during these extremely difficult times.
I’m starting my 5th fundraiser this Christmas to support Spinal Research who I’m an ambassador for. I have so far completed two long distance cycles on my specially adapted FES bike, gone sober, did a fun (social distancing) run with my brother Tony pushing me and I’ve also given up sweets, raising over £8,000.
I want to keep my dream alive by making sure the research to reverse paralysis carries on until one day there will be a therapy available for over 3 million people living with a spinal cord injury.
If you would like to join me or if you need ideas to fundraise please get in touch!
Unfortunately spinal cord injury can happen to anyone at anytime and it doesn’t stop because of pandemic. Please show your support and if you can make a potentially life changing donation that would be amazing!
Let’s make chronic spinal cord injury curable.
Don’t give up the fight!

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