Cure Girls 3rd Birthday Week- Lolly’s Story

I was injured in 2004 after a night out with friends in a London nightclub. I only lost my Father one year before so we were still grieving for him. It was devastating as we were so close. Yes, spinal cord injury happens when you least expect it.
The world was my oyster then.. BOOM! Paralysed at the age of thirty and a ten month stay in hospital was the biggest blow and never thought I’d get through it but thank god for my amazing, loving and supportive family. They gave me the strength to fight this all the way! And when I left hospital that’s what I certainly did. My brother Tony and I threw ourselves into the “CURE” world. cure girl LollyResearching everyday about possible treatments and therapies that could eventually make us walk again. I met a lot of cure “warriors” on the way across the world who I became really good friends with.. Paolo, Harvey, Loredana, Arcangela and Corinne. Then soon after Loredana formed the Cure Girls and asked me to become a member and without hesitation I said yes! At that point I was running my own website (which I still have) and Facebook page to fundraise and promote cure, but I know by working as a team we would make much more of an impact. We certainly have achieved that now! There are eight of us Cure Girls from all over the world and we tell everyone what it’s really like living with a SCI and the same passion for a cure! We’ve become close friends and I call them my Cure Sista’s!  I want my independence back, I want to walk again and do the simple things in life. Everyday is a struggle living with this awful injury. I believe it’s important to live life to the fullest, laugh as much as you can and don’t let anything stop you from doing what you really want to do. I’m lucky to have met the man of my dreams and I’ve got engaged.. Looking forward to the future. But I won’t give up until there is a CURE for paralysis!
Cure Girl Lolly


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