The Cure Girls support Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF)

After our visit to the UK-based charity in January 2015 (see the blog) the Cure Girls Lolly, Marina and Loredana have decided to support NSIF.

Cure Girl Lolly

Lolly has just cycled 282 miles which is the equivalent distance from London to Newcastle to raise money for NSIF. On March 21st Lolly said: “I finally did it! Day 17, I’ve just cycled 282 miles which is the equivalent distance of London to Newcastle!!  So happy! Whoop! Still can’t celebrate yet as still on my chocolate and alcohol ban for March! it’s still not too late to sponsor me on as my story is about to go on TV and online soon so will be keeping my page open”.

Marina and Loredana (president and vice president of “Marina Romoli Onlus (MRO) – a non profit organization created by Marina to raise money for cure research) after the meeting with NSIF and prof. Raisman have shared all they have learned at the meeting with the board of MRO and come to the decision to donate 70000€ to NSIF. “In the last few years I have been following SCI research and I have realized that most research in this field focus on finding therapies that work only on acute SCI (within a few days after injury). Unfortunately in people living with SCI  the lesion has become “chronic” which requires a different approach to achieve functional recovery. I want topoint out also that the goal of Marina Romoli Onlus (MRO) is a biological cure, not compensatory devices such as robotic legs.

MRO BOARD – Loredana Longo, Giulia De Maio, Marina Romoli

For that to happen it is essential to achieve regeneration of the nerve fibers in the chronically damaged spinal cord. The line of research of prof. Raisman and dr. Tabakow, both supported by Nsif, focus on regeneration of the nerve fibers and it is applicable to chronic SCI as shown for the first time by the functional recovery achieved by Darek Fridyka that has been scientifically documented. After our meeting in January 2015 I have shared all these considerations with the board members of MRO and we have concluded to make this donation to Nsif” said Marina.

The Cure Girls meet with Prof Raisman and Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation

 “We are incredibly grateful to Marina for this donation. We are at a crucial time currently with the research we are funding. Every donation is vital in helping the scientists turn their innovative work into a treatment for spinal cord injury,” said Mike Milner, CEO, nsif.

For more information visit the website

Cure Girls

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