Walking Wednesday

August 12th 2015 saw the launch of an exciting new Cure Girls’ initiative. It’s called #WalkingWednesday.
It’s an international campaign and the goal is to raise awareness and funds to find a cure for paralysis caused by chronic spinal cord injury.
To participate in this campaign is very very, easy. Every Wednesday, simply use social media to post a photo of yourself before your spinal cord injury (SCI). Then we’ll share your picture on the #walkingwednesday FB page and in order to make it visible to everybody we ask you to set the privacy setting of the picture on “public”. Ask all your SCI contacts to do the same!
In order to give meaning to this campaign, we’re asking participants to include in their #WalkingWednesday post information about organisations that are working hard to get us out of wheelchairs.

Here are some suggestions of organisations that doing great work; please remember to add to your post!
Endparalysis Foundation http://endparalysis.org
Marina Romoli Onlus http://www.marinaromolionlus.org
Nicholls Spinal Cord Injury Foundation http://www.nsif.org.uk
Spinal Research http://www.spinal-research.org
Unite 2 Fight Paralysis http://www.u2fp.org

The Cure Girls want to reach as many people as possible so be sure to invite all your non SCI contacts to share your status. Don’t forget: #WalkingWednesday #CureGirls

Many thanks,
The Cure Girls.


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